Is your wardrobe bulging with clothes that you never wear? Do you dare to add up the cost of items you have bought but never worn, that looked great online or in the shop on the hanger but don’t look good on you? It’s no surprise that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time so why clutter up your wardrobe with clothes that don’t work for you?

A Wardrobe declutter session will help you to organise and edit your wardrobe so that you can clear it of clutter and wear your best clothes with confidence every day.

  • During a wardrobe declutter session I will give you an honest evaluation of the clothes in your wardrobe to help you determine what you should keep and what no longer suits.
  • I will help you to bring clothes together in exciting new ways or in creative colour combinations that make the clothes in your wardrobe work harder.
  • I will identify any gaps in your wardrobe and suggest any items or accessories that would give your wardrobe a boost.

If you have already had a colour analysis consultation and a personal styling consultation you will be well on the way to understanding why you favour some items in your wardrobe more than others and instinctively reach for them. You’ll know that wearing the right colours enhances your natural colouring and helps you to look healthier and feel younger. You’ll know the right shapes and styles of clothing to suit your body shape, proportions and style personality. The chances are you’ll have already started to receive positive comments from your family, friends and colleagues who see you wearing clothes in the colours and styles that are perfect for you.

I can provide an honest and creative insight into why your wardrobe is working or not working for you with practical advice and help to sort it out.

What to expect from a Wardrobe Declutter

Wardrobe Declutter Consultation: a practical and informative consultation at your home, in St Helens, Merseyside and Wigan areas.

Price: £60 per hour.

I will advise on what works and what doesn’t, how you can rescue items and tips to avoid cluttering your wardrobe in the future.

Why choose Gina Dobson for a Wardrobe Declutter

  • Trained in colour analysis and personal styling by Colour Me Beautiful, the Image Consultants
  • Silver Award Colour Me Beautiful consultant
  • Experience of working in a local authority service helping people moving house to downsize and declutter