A scarf is an ideal opportunity to add a pop of colour near to your face and a way to complement a new outfit or to revitalise an old one. The addition of a plain or patterned scarf in a colour that suits you is the simplest way to transform the most basic outfit. Choose a colour that flatters your complexion, in colour tones that complement the rest of your wardrobe.

The luminescence of a patterned silk scarf brings light and a sparkling glow to the face, highlighting your best features and drawing attention to your face as the centre of your communication.  Plain scarves add an enlivening glow of colour to revitalise and enhance your appearance.

Try different scarf tying techniques and see which is the most flattering for you. Disguise a crepey neck with a scarf worn high at the neckline or choose a longer and lean scarf style to elongate and give the illusion of a longer neck.

A beautiful scarf can make you look glamorous, sophisticated and stylish and is an effortless way to add a touch of luxury to your outfits. It is also the simplest way to change the whole look of an outfit.

A scarf is the perfect accessory to refresh your wardrobe and your style and Colour Me Beautiful are pleased to announce that they are launching a new range of luxury 100% silk patterned scarves on the 1st of October 2023. These come in 3 colourways. The universal colours of teal, purple and neutral pewter tones suit all colour palettes and city chic style. The cool scarf gives a vibrant pop of colour in cool blues, cornflower and hot pink to suit cooler colouring types. The warm scarf in tones of olive green, sage and terracotta suits all with warmer skin tones. Please take a look at these on the online shop page here.

A silk scarf worn cravat style under a shirt gives a creative look when worn instead of a tie.  A silk scarf elevates any outfit you wear it with and is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion.

Image by Victoria Tetley Photography