Accessories etc. 3 easy ways to update your style.
At Colour Me Beautiful, the philosophy is that everyone can look great and feel confident. My 3 top tips will give you the inspiration you need to refresh your wardrobe and keep your style current.

Contrast your style
Refresh your look by choosing shoes and accessories in a contrasting style to your main outfit. A sporty shoe style with a classic trouser suit or an embellished shoe or bag with a natural, casual trouser will elevate your style and look more modern and fresh. Work with the other elements of your style personality to create a look that is unique to you and will still be true to your own personal style.

Colour tone and texture
Wearing all one colour from top to toe is a great way for petites to look taller and a fabulous way to wear your best colours. Wearing an outfit in the same colour tones but choosing materials in different textures will look chic, stylish and modern. Try a woollen jumper and pleated satin skirt together for effortless style. Take a look at my boards on Pinterest for more colour and style ideas.

Trends for Autumn 2019 are that colour is here to stay but whatever the fashion industry dictates, when you know your colours you will keep them in your wardrobe and wear them again and again. Kettlewell is a great online shop that supplies clothes in a vast array of colours all year round – good news for those who have had their colours done and want to embrace colour in their wardrobes. If you want to rescue items in your wardrobe that are good quality natural materials like cotton and linen but aren’t in your best colours, try dyeing them. I have successfully used Dylon’s Ocean Blue machine dye to transform cotton tops and linen blouses into one of my best colours.

Accessories can provide an instant update to an outfit. Accessorise a simple outfit with a piece of statement jewellery, a bold necklace or earrings, brooch or bracelet. Mix a floral dress with a contrasting striped belt to alter the look and be more creative. Try craft fairs for unique and handmade pieces and charity shops for vintage and bold costume jewellery, scarves and brooches.

Colour Me Beautiful have a new range of super soft scarves in six beautiful shades – apple blossom, coral pink, scarlet, hot pink, purple and teal available online and from my studio. For more inspiration, ‘The Art of the Scarf’ is a beautiful book by Libby VanderPloeg featuring 30 imaginative ways to transform an outfit using a scarf.