Step out in style in footwear in metallic tones.  Treat them as neutral tones but with a lustrous gleam to elevate any outfit, whatever your personal style.  In summer, they add a glow to summer dresses and palazzo trousers and in winter, a glittery sparkle to every outfit.

The burnished colours of copper, bronze and gold especially suit warmer skin tones and outfits worn in warm golden hues of amber, coral and chocolate.  Glittering silver grey metallic colours suit cooler skin tones and work beautifully paired with clothing in crisp white, blue-grey hues and rose pink tones.  A softer patina of pewter or rose gold will blend with and adapt to most colour palettes.

Shoes can transform your outfit and the style of footwear you choose reflects your personal style and influences the look you want to achieve.  Whether you choose metallic kitten heel ankle boots, chunky trainer style shoes with gold or silver detailing or embellished ballet flats, each will give a different feel and interpretation to a simple outfit.

For longevity in your wardrobe, comfort and fit are key considerations.  No matter how glamorous or stylish the shoes, if you can’t walk comfortably in them you will never wear them!

Consider the shape of your footwear too – if you have a larger shoe size, try rounded or square toed styles rather than a pointed toe.

Photo by Tyron Harkiss Foster on Unsplash.