Whether you choose to wear this distinctive style in appreciation of its flattering patterns or as a true devotee of its iconic fashion status, animal print is a tried and tested style trend that is here to stay.

Primitive cave paintings found in Spain and France dating back to the dawn of existence, reveal that animal skins were worn by early humans, both out of necessity to provide warmth and protection and as a means of channelling and honouring the raw power and vitality of the creatures that prowled this planet in its infancy.

Possibly, we carry a subconscious desire to be as one with nature and by wearing animal print we awaken a primal instinct within us. Or maybe we are just drawn to the amazing and beautiful patterns created in nature. Whatever the case, thankfully today with cutting edge printing techniques and fabric technology we no longer have to harm animals in order to pay tribute to them.

Modern animal print designs recreate the natural camouflage and repeated motifs that occur in nature, harmonising the incredible shapes and swirls and synthesising them in a wide range of modern styles. A recent trend is for prints such as the distinctive zebra stripe, but in a vibrant and colourful palette such as cobalt blue, raspberry pink and coral hues.

Using animal print in small proportions in an outfit is a modern way to wear this trend. Like paisley print, it can often be found as a silken lining inside coats and jackets or even inside bags. Consider using this print on just one item of clothing or in an accessory – a belt, glasses, a bag, a scarf, a purse, a flash detail on trainers.

Your personal style will influence how you choose to wear this trend but consider the colour tones, particularly those worn near to the face and also the size and scale of the print, particularly if worn in a coat, blouse or dress to ensure it balances with your own proportions.

Whether you pay homage to the print in small details or wear it in full celebration of the trend, animal print can be both a stylish and a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Photo by Okeykat on Unsplash.