Gingham is a plain woven design of uniform square checks, most notably in white with a bold colour and in a cotton or cotton blend fabric. Gingham was originally a striped fabric but began to be woven into small checked or plaid patterns and became popular in 1960’s fashion. It has always been a popular fabric for country style fashions and interiors and for Spring and Summer 2022, the gingham style trend is prevalent in dresses, tops, jackets, trousers and skirts as well as in accessories including hats, bags, shoes and even glasses.

Gingham is traditionally bright and bold but can also be classic in tones of black and white, rose and white and cornflower blue and white. This season, gingham is available in a multitude of colours including soft and tonal as well as in oversized and bold pattern sizes.

When wearing checks and plaids, consider the difference between a design that is in softer muted colours and one that is in bold contrasting colours. A larger design will not seem as large in muted colours as it does in bright, contrasting colours. In a plaid design, you need to consider the colour contrast and the spacing of the design. Unless you are going for a deliberately dramatic look, an oversized check design will suit larger scaled body frames the best.

Consider whether your body line is straight or curvy. The straight lines of a check or plaid will better suit a straight body line. If you are curvy and love check designs, ensure your fabric is fluid and the style is not too tight, or that the colours are diffused and tonal rather than bold and contrasting.

Two key trends for Spring and Summer are mixing prints and midi dress styles. Alternatively, use check details for accessories such as scarves, bags, purses and summer hats. Take a look at my board on Pinterest for more style inspiration here.

Photo by Sama Hosseini on Unsplash.