The power of make-up to transform and instantly update your appearance has been known for centuries.

With so many options and products available today, it can be a daunting experience choosing from the vast array of colours and brands available.  In my studio, I use the Colour Me Beautiful range of make-up products.  Focussing the choice of make-up colours on your own dominant colouring type means that the make-up colours chosen will flatter, enhance and harmonise with your own natural colouring.

Foundation colours should always match your own natural skin tone.  Don’t be afraid to mix colours if needed to create your own customised blend. Using a primer underneath foundation provides a smooth base for the make-up to go onto and helps the make-up last longer.

Choose eyeshadows, blushers and lipsticks that work with the colour tones in your hair, eyes and skin.  Masking your true colours can age your look and make you look tired but working with the colours that work in harmony with your own hair colour, eye colour and skin tone gives a much more refreshed and natural look.  Discover more about my Make-Up Consultation here.

Make-up is best applied in good natural daylight. If that’s not possible, you can buy lightbulbs that mimic natural daylight.  Applying make-up with good quality brushes and blending well will always give a more professional finish.  Well applied and carefully chosen make-up will draw attention to you and your best features rather than the make-up itself helping you to look radiant and healthy.

Whether you choose a lip gloss for instant glamour or apply a cream or sheer lipstick with lip primer and lip pencil for more staying power, a new lip colour is the simplest, quickest and easiest way to update your make-up.

Lip gloss colour suggestions for cooler colouring types are Pink Shell, Berry Burst or Sangria.  For warmer colouring types, try Warm Sand, Dune, Mango or Sunset.  Try a hint of gloss in the centre of your lips over your usual lipstick for a shimmery gleam that catches the light.

Image by Daria Gordova on Unsplash