The third part of my Wardrobe Game changer series features colourful knitwear which in our climate is an essential part of your wardrobe for comfort, warmth and style. Wearing colour near to your face has a huge impact on how you look and how you feel. The right colour makes your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. It lights up your face and makes you feel better. Having the confidence to wear colour, you can express your personality and personal style and will come across as positive, upbeat and interesting.

People respond to colour and when you wear a fabulous colour, friends and colleagues will notice. Turquoise blue is a positive and uplifting colour for you and for those around you. My favourite jumper is a festive true red which gives an energising colour boost.

For an investment piece, choose a classic style that you can wear with jeans, a skirt (pleated, floral or embroidered) and smart trousers. A crew neck style will stand the test of time and a neat v neck will suit most body shapes. A polo neck style is great for those with long necks and for layering under shirts or dresses.

A fine neat knit works well when worn with fuller skirts or wide leg trousers. A bulky textured knit looks best worn with sleeker trousers or a neat simple skirt style.

For longevity in your wardrobe, choose knitwear made from natural fabrics – wool, cashmere, silk or cotton. Store clean knitwear folded flat in your wardrobe so they don’t stretch and use sachets fragranced with lavender and cedarwood to deter moths.

If your colour palette suits clear colours, choose brightly coloured knitwear and knits with some sheen to elevate your style. Those with softer palettes will look fabulous in all types of textured and soft toned knitwear.

For knitwear in natural fabrics and in a range of colours try Kettlewell, Woolovers and Brora. If you are lucky enough to know someone who can knit or crochet you can create your own bespoke sweater in the perfect colour and style!

Photo by Anastasia Gepp on Pixabay.