Handbags make a statement about your unique personal style. Wearing a bag in a contrasting colour to your outfit but still within your colour palette is a creative style option which will add zing. Try colours from your palette that you’ve not tried before. This will work with the rest of your wardrobe and add interest and panache to your personal style.

When choosing a bag style, consider how the shape and style of the bag balances with your silhouette. Curvy body shapes such as triangles or hourglass suit less structured and softer bag styles. A structured boxy style of bag will suit an angular body shape.

The size of the bag should complement your scale and proportions. If you are petite, a huge bag will overwhelm you and a tiny bag on a very tall person will look lost. However, if you are a dramatic style personality you will want to make a statement with your bag style and will choose an extremely large or tiny bag for impact!

When choosing a bag, look at yourself in a mirror and see where the handbag falls near your body. For a slimmer look, carry the bag at a slimmer part of the body. If you are fuller in the hip area, avoid a bag that hangs at hip level as this adds more width.

City chics will choose a handbag with care, looking for quality and making sure the colour tones with their outfit. They will invest in basic classic pieces that work well with other items in their wardrobe.

Classics will choose a bag that coordinates with their outfit and matches their shoes and belt perfectly.

Natural style personalities will seek out a bag that is practical enough to hold all that is needed and easy to carry such as a rucksack style or a bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap.

Romantic style personalities love bags with decorative embellishments and details such as ribbons, sequins or embroidery.

Creative style personalities will source unusual bags from holiday destinations, vintage or charity shops or even craft or create their own unique bag.

Photo by Irene Kredenets on Unsplash