This time of year is an ideal time to refresh your wardrobe, to take stock of your clothing and to reorganise. You may have received gifts you need to find room for, new scarves, gloves, bags or jewellery.

Lift everything out of your wardrobe and while your wardrobe is empty, give it a good clean out and leave the doors open to air.  Sort out your clothes into different piles of the same type of item, smart tops, t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, skirts, trousers and so on. This is so you can see what items you have that you may have forgotten about.

Then, go through each pile and examine each garment. How often have you worn it? Do you love wearing it?  Does the colour, style and shape of the garment suit you and flatter your body shape?  When you know the colours and styles of clothing that suit you best, this task is made so much easier.

If it’s not been worn why is this? Does the item need a small repair or alteration?  I have just completed my own seasonal wardrobe declutter.  A classic Breton style t-shirt just needs a simple repair to the hemline.  A floral top that can be worn with casual or smart clothes I would wear more often if the sleeves were shortened.

Smart jackets have been regularly aired but it is now time for them to go to the dry cleaners.  An old evening bag, very tatty is now replaced by a new bag which was a Christmas gift.  Good quality items that no longer fit or no longer suit my lifestyle are bagged to go to the charity shop.

This has freed up space for clothes to go back neatly without being crammed in.  I use slim space saving hangers which are a great way to put items together in outfits and take up much less space in my wardrobe.


Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash.