How to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for your colouring. If you’ve already had your colours analysed you can choose any of the colours in your palette and you will know they look fabulous with your hair colour and complexion and will go with all your outfits too.

Do you have dark brown or black hair? Then choose bold, bright or deep colours from your palette or deep tortoiseshell and choose dark brown or black lenses to flatter your deep colouring.

For those with light blonde hair, choose lighter, pastel colours or rimless shades which will flatter rather than overpower your delicate colouring. Choose lenses in lighter amber, grey or darker brown rather than black.

Redheads and strawberry blondes will look wonderful in warmer toned tortoiseshell frames. Amber or brown toned lenses will always look more sophisticated on you than grey or black lenses.

Cool ash blonde or grey toned hair colouring suits cool blue toned frames, or pinks, purples, silvers and greys. Grey or charcoal lenses will harmonise with your cooler ash tones.

If you have mid brown hair tones or highlighted soft toned hair, then tortoiseshell, rimless, mid brown, grey tones and muted colours such as shell will look terrific and will work with your softer, blended colouring. Any colour of lenses is flattering provided they are not too dark.

Style personality is also a consideration when choosing sunglasses you will love to wear. Romantic style personalities will love sunglasses with pretty, delicate and detailed embellishments and City Chics will shop with care to choose sunglasses that are on trend and stylish. Dramatics will love to choose a bright colour from their palette rather than a neutral tone and will love to make a style statement with their eyewear.

A Style Consultation will show you how to choose glasses, make-up and hairstyles to suit your face shape.

Whichever colour or style you choose the most important factor is that the lenses block out harmful rays and protect the eyes so always ensure the lenses meet current safety standards and discuss with your optician the best prescription lenses for you.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash