A new hairstyle is an ideal opportunity to look at yourself anew and to refresh your style and personal image. A good hairdresser will always offer you a consultation and advise you on the best style for the texture and length of your hair and offer you a haircut which flatters your face shape and your personal style.

A skilful hairdresser and colourist will understand the depth, tone and hair colour that will work best with your eye colour and skin tone. I have always found Wella hair colourists to be expert at this and I recommend John-Lee Guy Hair salon in Bolton.

“A good consultation is the difference between a great haircut and a bad haircut” says John-Lee Guy, who is passionate about hair and believes in making everyone look and feel their best. “Our philosophy is about giving you beautiful hair and recognising you as an individual”.

Your hairstyle should reflect who you are and your personal style. A romantic style personality will love to wear their hair long and to adorn their hair with ribbons and hair jewellery. A natural style personality will want a haircut that looks great and can be washed and styled naturally without any fuss. They will love to use natural hair care products. Creatives will enjoy experimenting with colours, scarves and hats and dramatics will change their hairstyles and hair colour regularly. A classic style personality will look for simple, neat and easy to manage hairstyles. They will be happy to keep the same hairstyle for a couple of years and will be very upset if their hairdresser moves away!

In a Colour Me Beautiful colour analysis consultation, I will look at your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone to determine which make-up colours and clothing colours suit you the best. Those with mid brown or highlighted hair look sophisticated in tonal shades such as purple and soft violet.

If you have naturally blonde or very light hair you will always look best wearing lighter colours such as apple green, light periwinkle and dusty rose. Wearing very dark colours will overwhelm your natural colouring.

Should you have dark hair and dark eyes you will look your best dressed in richer deeper tones such as damson, teal and true blue. Wearing very light colours will make you look tired and washed out.

Warm hair tones such as strawberry blonde and dark auburn will look amazing in warm golden colours like amber and apricot. Spiced Peach and Warm Pink lipsticks from Colour Me Beautiful will illuminate your natural glow.

If your hair is ash blonde, grey, white or lilac-hued, wearing cooler tones such as cassis, hot pink and royal blue will look fabulous on you and Sheer Fuchsia lipstick will look stunning.

If you had your colours analysed years ago and your hair colour has changed dramatically, find out more about my Colour Review service.

Image by Park Street on Unsplash.